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The Living Archive of Underground Music - cassettes usa by Don Campau,2005:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/cassettes_usa Textpattern 2020-10-17T16:36:36Z Jim Santo Don Campau 2016-09-26T16:31:12Z 2016-09-26T16:49:13Z Mark Kissinger, 3 Tapes,2016-09-26:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/e7e9aa3f86c18fe7c7cb78028325f1c1 Three full cassette tapes by Pennsylvania guitarist and home taper, Mark Kissinger, clearly show his talents, taste and ability navigating ye olde 4 track tape machine. Prepare yourself to rock out, sit back dumbfounded, tap your toes and play them over and over.

Don Campau 2016-06-07T02:31:08Z 2016-06-07T03:08:10Z Bruce Riley "Phosphenes",2016-06-06:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/409be7434df356b96e04963a8376a458
Bruce Riley, inside cover "Phosphenes", 1996

Bruce Riley, inside cover “Phosphenes”, 1996

Bruce Riley "Phosphenes" 1996

Bruce Riley “Phosphenes” 1996

Bruce Riley “Phosphenes”, cassette tape released in 1996.

Don Campau 2016-02-17T22:12:35Z 2016-02-17T22:12:35Z Dino DiMuro "Trouble At The Mutual Admiration Society",2016-02-17:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/6d5829c08ecaabfeedbbd4713e0cf8fb The first tape I ever received from Los Angeles home taper, Dino DiMuro in 1985.

Don Campau 2016-01-25T14:49:56Z 2016-01-25T15:47:48Z Heather Perkins "Steel Tribe",2016-01-25:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/39470e9b44207b60cf5b7988b4a6402d Heather Perkins
Steel Tribe
Land ‘O Newts 1988

Heather Perkins, "Steel Tribe", 1988

Heather Perkins, “Steel Tribe”, 1988

Heather Perkins was always an enigma in the mainly white, male dominated home taping scene of the 80s/90s. She refused to get pinned down and yet her style and personal sense always found a way of shining through. She could rock, she could go self confessional, her zany sense of humor on certain tapes was refreshing and on this particular tape she goes a little more serious and deep. Almost entirely instrumental “Steel Tribe” is an electronic soundscape ( in fact she called it a Soundtrack) filled with synths, drum machines and dark melodies. This is timeless material to me and evocative and immersive. Strap on the headphones and take this for a ride…and then see if you can find your way home.

side 1
Steel Tribe
Power Up
Steel Hall
Sense Dream
Wasp Wing

side 2
Green Tribe
Another Place
Sidewinder Dance ( for Joan)
Lone Tribe

Don Campau 2016-01-25T13:34:52Z 2016-01-25T14:24:46Z Minoy "The Flavor Of Acid On Ice",2016-01-25:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/6f1b37f4d3d804867a17df1833b8b673 A master at the peak of his powers.