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The Living Archive of Underground Music - home taper vinyl by Don Campau,2005:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/home_taper_vinyl Textpattern 2020-10-17T16:36:36Z Jim Santo Don Campau 2011-09-19T02:17:00Z 2011-10-09T20:31:30Z Home taper vinyl,2011-09-18:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/5149f94f9de9382661d50314bdcea965 Sometimes home tapers would release their own 7” vinyl, or even 12” LPs in addition to cassettes. Not always strictly home recorded, many home producers would go into small studios occasionally for this type of endeavor. Here is a small sampling of some rare underground 7” records. Click on the links to listen or download.

Your Host Bobby
Platzangst/Your Host Bobby no label, early 90s?
A split release of freak, ambient organ and muddle on side one by Platzangst and on side two, a devolved cut up with references to the cassette underground by DJ Your Host Bobby.
1. Platzangst “I Can’t Do It (Again)” 2. Your Host Bobby “The Rock Critic”

al perry bitter front
al perry bitter back
Al Perry And The Cattle Good ‘n’ Bitter ERL Records Albany, NY 1989
Grungy cow punk from the master of Tucson on this slab from 1989. Al and Cattle rip through 3 songs, one is an instrumental.
1. Good Life 2. Bitter Pill 3. Gerbils

Wallmen Dead front
Wallmen Dead back
Wallmen Dead Judy Dead Judy Records, Syracuse, NY 1988
Totally devolved bedroom madness from these Syracuse, NY rock animals. It sounds like rock, sure, but underneath there is something Ohio about it, ya know what I mean?
1. The News 2. Milo 9 3. Earthwoman

Harlan front
Harlan back
Harlan Lyman untitled no label, Cumberland VA mid 90s
Mixing together his drums and sound samples Harlan creates a very urgent sound. He stops, starts, changes rhythm at will, plays off the samples. It’s a one of a kind splatter.
1. (untitled) white side 2. (untitled) black side

tom furgas six tunes a side
tom furgas six tunes b side
Tom Furgas Six Tunes Xograph label, Youngstown, OH 1989
Different keyboard combinations on these short and succinct instrumentals.
1.It Is If It Is By Me 2. Signature Metaphor 3. A Claim 4. Trilobites 5. Nothing At New Begins 6. Nested Contexts

james mowry two combines a
james mowry two combines b
James Mowry-Abe Singer Two Combines no label, Encino, CA 1989
A rather bizarre audio collage slab by James Mowry and Abe Singer. Realized in the studios of UCSD from May 1986-March 1988.
1. Two Combines 2. About MT 67

marilyns army a
marilyns army b
Marilyn’s Army untitled no label, Essen Germany, 1988
Inhabiting dark, goth, minor key territory, this duo of Frank Klotgen and a guy named Marc uses violin to nice effect on this two song 7”.
1. Puppets Of A Broken Dream 2. Welcome To The Bitter Times

wattsbaldhead a
wattsbaldhead b
WaTTSBaLDHEAD untitled Guaranteed Cleveland label, Arcata CA, 1986
This northern California quartet was headed up by home taper legend, Kevyn Dymond and featured his long time vocalist Peggy Martinez. Four songs of hooky, punky finesse with the usual Dymond penchant for unique arrangement.
1. Suitcase 2. Can’t Tell Her 3. Screwey Too 4. Dog