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Martina Clausson

Martina Clausson

No Pigeonholes EXP
broadcast on KOWS-FM
hosted by Don Campau
1 October 2020

Photo: Martina Clausson


NPEXP 10-1-20

Jelena Hu/ Station id/—/—-DL
Avian Telemetry/ Stone/ Six Electroacoustic Quintets/—-DL
Forrest Fang/ Winter Pod/ The Book Of Wanderers/ Projekt DL
Die Angel/ Cargo Cult/ Utopien !/—-DL
Frank Bretschneider/ Abstasten Halten Filter/ Abstasten/ DL
Ed Drury & Chris Phinney/ Ashes All Fall/ Who Will Feed the Pigs?/ bandcamp DL
Moonchy & Tobias/ Sericum/—-/—-DL
Paul Erlandson/ It is Tricky To Hold A Bird/—-/—-DL
PBK & Travis Johnson/ Othering/—-/—-DL
Various Artists( mixed by Susan Matthews )/ Sustain Piece /—-/—-DL
Martina Clausson/ Cri/ Verwoben/—-DL
Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci/ Siren Call/ End Of Softness/ bandcamp DL

Hour 2

Mark Wastell/ Like Planets/ Like Planets/ Confront DL
Oren Ambarchi & Cyro Baptista/ Simian Angel/ Simian Angel/ Mego LP
Werner Dafeldecker/ side one/ Parallel Darks/—-LP
Tantroniq/ After River/—-/ bandcamp DL

Don Campau 2020-09-25T20:50:45Z 2020-09-25T20:50:48Z No Pigeonholes Archives 3-13-1988,2020-09-25:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/ce0290b6578af531bb41446204582f59 download or stream

X Ray Pop

X Ray Pop

No Pigeonholes Archives
originally broadcast on KKUP
hosted by Don Campau
13 March 1988


Hour 1

Only A Mother
Ken Clinger
Destroy MIke
The Blurbs
David Keyes
Gypsy & Schulz
Lawrence Salvatore
Daniel Johnston
Tom Dyer
Dino DiMuro
Timothy Gilbert
Sogb Lettic?
Zan Hoffman
Ken Hunt-Dan Fioretti

Hour 2

Eric Muhs-R. Michael Torrey
Hermanos Guzanos
Tis Van Dyke
Jeff Van Auken
Sublime Wedge
Leslie Singer
Fish Karma
X Ray Pop
Peter Stenshoel
Cybil Webow-Kay Sato
The Nightcrawlers
Dan lander
Larry Ruhl
Luis Mesa
E of A Sampler
Brian Ruryk
Vision Of Conception compilation
Tom Lane Seaton?
Body Without Organs
Big City Orchestra

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Don Campau 2020-09-19T12:03:36Z 2020-09-19T12:04:58Z No Pigeonholes Archives Ken Clinger Radio Special February 2016,2020-09-19:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/b006d7a45cf71a30e768d5cdc9ce151a Listen to Ken Clinger

Ken Clinger

Ken Clinger

In 2016 I produced a radio feature on Ken Clinger, one of the most unique visionary artists of the Cassette Culture era. This was right before I shipped all of his tapes to Germany for safekeeping at the headquarters.

Ken is simply one of the greatest and most prolific of any tape artist ( and later on CD) ever. His body of work is unmatched in distinctive and unusual flair and style. To me, he stands at the very pinnacle of what the home taper Cassette Culture scene was. Not only is he in my Home Tapers Hall Of Fame, He is on the list as one of the greatest exponents of that of all time.

No Pigeonholes on Radio On
hosted by Don Campau
February 2016 Ken Clinger Special

artist/ title/ label-source-year ( all material released on cassette )

Ken Clinger/ Cat/ KC8/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
Ken Clinger/ Our Boy In LA/ KC14/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Ken Clinger ( with Winnie Santiago)/ Not There/ KC5/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
Ken Clinger/ Sandra/ KC12/ Bovine cassette 1986 USA
Bored Young Men/ King The Sad Boy/ Sittin’ Around Decomposin/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Don Campau ( with Ken Clinger)/ The Perfect Tomato/ Pinata Party Tape Two/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1986 USA
Bored Young Men/ Cicadaville/ With Slime On Their Hands/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA
Catfish ( with Ken Clinger)/  Nuk-E-Doll  /  Fish Tales/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Ken Clinger/ Dice On The Hill/ KC 28/ Bovine cassette 19898USA
Ken Clinger/ Dog Song/ KC 30/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Kenny & The Clingtones/ Evil Mutant Frogs/ One Of Those Tapes That Exist/ Kitti Tapes cassette 1988 USA
Ken Clinger/ Dreams In Jaspar/ KC 39/ Bovine cassette 1990 USA
Ken Clinger/ Physical Matter/ KC 42/ Bovine cassette 1993 USA
Furgas-Clinger ( composed by Tom Furgas )/ excerpt 24 Preludes/ Realizations III/ Bovine cassette 1993? USA
Furgas-Clinger/ Chamber One/ Forgotten Chambers/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA

Don Campau 2020-08-19T19:37:05Z 2020-10-17T16:36:36Z No Pigeonholes EXP 2020: all shows with audio links,2020-08-19:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/f8c4085ec7599cc7db7eec5bbb20443b Links and playlists for all my “No Pigeonholes EXP” radio shows during 2020.


Pak Yan Lau

Pak Yan Lau

In progress through the end of the year.

This show is broadcast on KOWS Community Radio on Thursday nights from 6-8 PM Pacific Time. Listen live at

The program features experimental, electronic, avant garde, improvisation, drone, noise , modern classical and more.

No Pigeonholes EXP 2020


No Pigeonholes EXP 10-15-20
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don Campau
photo: Bernard Szajner

Bernard Szajner

Bernard Szajner

Lotto/Rope/Elite Feline/ —DL2016
Jelena Hu/ station id/—/—DL
Mrs Dink/ HVV-Copacetic/ Copacetic/ DT 7”
Pilesar ) Jason Mullinax )/ Spider Bait/ District Of Noise Vol 4/ Sonic Circuits LP
Bernard Szajner ( Shy-ner , France )/ E“R Area/ Superficial Music/—-D 2009
Tantroniq/ Electro Oracle/ Hello Zero One/ bandcamp DL
Frequency Disasters/ Frequency Disasters/ Frequency Disasters/ Confront DL
Peter Evans-Agusti Fernandez-Mats Gustafsson/ Once In A Rented Room/ A Quietness OF Water/——DL
Urs Voerkel Trio/ Ans Wasser/ Voerkel-Frey-Lovens/FMP LP 1976
Wright-Chatler-Noble/ Class 1-A Strange Entrance/ Wright-Chatler-Noble/ Skivbolaget DL 2018
Amirtha Kidambi-Lea Bertucci/ End OF Softness/ End Of Softness/ —-cassette
Skoddie/ Cybersace As Sexual Allegory Part 3/ Conscious Separation/—-DL
Susan Matthews/ The Message/ Bruiser/ bandcamp DL
Bret Hart & McLeod/ Wombat Harness/ Philosophical Pessimism/—-DL
Anne Sulikowski Pale Spectre/ Bedroom Drone/ bandcamp DL
Jukka-Pekka Kirvinen/ UP Now/ a)s w(e loo)k/ bandcamp DL
Lenore Fierra/ CEMbR/ ?/Moray Moray DL
Miriam Piilonen/ Faegrance/—-/ bandcamp DL
Samantha Glass/ Movement 1/ Rising Movements/ bandcamp DL
Brad Laner/ Ligamets 1b/ Ligaments/ Captured Tracks DL
Charles Wuorinen/ Arabia Felix/ Contemporary Music 20th Century Anniversary/ CRI LP 1982
The Sand Rays/ Narrator/Remembered Vol 2/ Zhelezobeton CD

No Pigeonholes EXP
broadcast on KOWS-FM
hosted by Don Campau



NPEXP 10-1-20 Hour 1
Jelena Hu/ Station id/—/—-DL
Avian Telemetry/ Stone/ Six Electroacoustic Quintets/—-DL
Forrest Fang/ Winter Pod/ The Book Of Wanderers/ Projekt DL
Die Angel/ Cargo Cult/ Utopien !/—-DL
Frank Bretschneider/ Abstasten Halten Filter/ Abstasten/ DL
Ed Drury & Chris Phinney/ Ashes All Fall/ Who Will Feed the Pigs?/ bandcamp DL
Moonchy & Tobias/ Sericum/—-/—-DL
Paul Erlandson/ It is Tricky To Hold A Bird/—-/—-DL
PBK & Travis Johnson/ Othering/—-/—-DL
Various Artists( mixed by Susan Matthews )/ Sustain Piece /—-/—-DL
Martina Clausson/ Cri/ Verwoben/—-DL
Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci/ Siren Call/ End Of Softness/ bandcamp DL
Tantroniq/ After River/—-/ bandcamp DL

for an archive of all EXP shows from 2020 go to:


NPEXP 9-17-20
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don Campau

Arovane/ Scrapen Te/ Atol Scrap/—-DL
Jelena Hu/ station id/—-/—-DL
Dr Timothy Leary/ excerpt/ The Psychedelic Experience/—-DL
Mrs Dink/ HVV Copacetic/ Degenerate Trifecta 7”
Tantroniq/ Contender/ Hello Zero One/ bandcamp DL
Tantroniq/ The Purchase/ Mantra Machine/ bandcamp DL
Jung Deejay/ Seagull’s Dance ( Gap remix )/ Java Spirits/—-DL
Berangere Maximin/ Walking Barefoot/ Land Of Waves/ bandcamp DL
Ed Drury/ The Winds And Calm Seas/ Bye Bye Land/ Harsh Reality DL
Girls On Fire/ Celebrity Face Tattoos, Chainsaw Accident/ Spilt #1 Electronic Cottage CD
Maria Ponce/ Sonora Merced Sonora / Fair Play #2/
Myriam Pruvot/ La Danse Chanteuse/ fair Play #2/ bandcamp DL
Ryan Wade Ruehlen/ side two/ Pitched Lung On Bell Streams/ ephem cassette

Hour 1

Rand Berke/ Oh Prairie!/ Electronic Exercises/ —-DL
Thomas DiMuzio & Greg Bielski/ Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won;t Be Born/ Balance ( Duos )/ bandcamp DL’
Julia Bloop/ Let’s Have Some Music/ Roland Throop/—-cassette DL
Jelena Glazova & Marta SimLga/ Lord Of The Flies returns/ Lord Of the Fiies Returns/ bandcamp DL
Tantroniq/ First Welcome: Fight Of The Emissary/ First Welcome: Fight Of The Emissary/ bandcamp DL
Tantroniq/ Homeward/ —-/ bandcamp DL
Oliver Leith/ Good Day Good Day Bad Day Bad Day/ Another Timbre CD
Clara De Asis/ Still Water/ Repitition Of The Same Dream The Same Dream/ Another Timbre CD


No Pigeonholes EXP
broadcast on KOWS-FM
hosted by Don Campau
20 August 2020


NPEXP 8-20-20

Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-CD
Scanner/ Auftakt/ An Ascent/Din DL
Homogenized Terrestrials/ #3/ E Tistula No 2/ Terrestrial CD
Rapoon/ Sonol/ Vernal Crossing/ Staalplatt DL 1993
Nimh & Rapoon/ Wagging Tongues, Circulate Hot Air/ bandcamp DL
Shaun Robert/ Feral/ Subversive/—-DL
Misfeasance/ A Delicate Situation/ Misfeasance/ bandcamp DL
Phil Struck/ Baizubai/ Schleswig-Holstein Aufnahmen/—-DL

Hour 2
Jelena Hu/id/—-/—-DL
Kingbastard/ Little Machine 11/ Little Machines/—-DL
Homogenized Terrestrials/ #3/ Distraction Holograms/ Terrestrial CD
Homogenized Terrestrials/ Glade/ The Defending Magician/ Terrestrial CD
Museum Of No Fear/ I Just Realized…/ Improvisations For Clarinet and Time Stretched Space/—-DL
Marina Rosenfeld/ Three/ Joy Of Fear/—-DL
Fred Van Hove & Christian Clay/ Toespraak/ —-/—-DL
Miroslav Istvan/ Isle Of Toys/ From Czech Electronic Music Studios/—-DL
Abby Lee Tee/ Cohabiting Species B/ Cohabiting Species/—-DL
Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft/ Smoke/ Between No Things/—-DL


No Pigeonholes EXP
6 August 2020
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don Campau

Hour 1

Lau Nau/ Amphipoda/ Longform DL
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir/ Rainbow Voice/ Gearing Solar Winds. Ocora LP
Dr Timothy Leary/ What Do You Turn When You Turn On?/ You Can Be Anyone You What This Time Around/ Douglas DL
Zarabatana/ Olho Da Centopeia/ Cum Raio/ tsss DL
Little Skull/ Untitled side one & two/ Ubique/ Planam DL
Teodoro Anzelotti/ Dialog Uber Luft/ Teodoro Anzelotti —-DL
Pierre Henry/Breath 2/ Le Voyage/ Mercury LP 1968
Ben Bertrand/ Morton And Gyurgy In TheBattista Mist/ Manes/—-DL
Pat Moonchy & Paul Jolly/ First Quarter/ Wintermoon/—-DL
Terje Isungset/ Song/ Igloo/ All Ice CD

Hour 2
Jelena Hu/ station id/—-DL
1727 & Mobius/ Burning The Black Candles/ Burning The Black Candles/ —-DL
Fortner Anderson/ -John Berndt/Song For Fortner / Annunciations/ —-CD
Pak Yan Lau/As We Move/ Live At The Cafe Oto/ —-DL
ATRL/ Comprende/ Inclusio/ Insub DL
Magnus Granberg & Ordinary Affects/ Come Down To Earth/Come Down To Earth Where Sorrow Dwelleth/—-DL
Yoshio Machida/ Labyrinth/ The Spirit Of Beauty/ —-CD
Mick Magic/ Solederitas/ Solederitas/—-DL
M/ Nomized/ A Shroud Of Purity Act 1/ A Shroud Of Purity/ bandcamp DL


NPEXP 7-16-20
hosted by Don Campau

Hour 1
Craig Tanis/ Covid Dub/ High Risk/ Harsh Reality DL
JRMMT/ IIIII/ Palimpsest/—-DL
Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Giacomo Fiore & Larry Polansky/ 34 Chords/ From Pike/—-CD
Geoff Wilt/ #3/ Dusk Structure/ Zeromoon DL
Tapage/ SC_200330…/ Tapage/—-DL
Lumen K/ Corona Confusion/ High Risk/ Harsh Reality DL
Susan Matthews/ Lightscapes/ Garden Mixes/ bandcamp DL
Susan Matthews/ Dreamscapes/ Garden Mixes/ bandcamp DL
Susan Matthews/ The Garden Mix/ Garden Mixes/ bandcamp DL
Susan Matthews/ Fortune/ Bruiser/ bandcamp DL
Susan Matthews/ Summer’s Over/ Bruiser/ bandcamp DL
Mike Frengel/ Fireflies/ Music For Guitar and Electronics/—-DL
Lisa Fannen/ Make No Bones About It/ Faultline/ bandcamp DL

Hour 2

Francesca Naibo/ Fadada/ Namatoulee/ bandcamp DL
ASC & Sam KDC/ Searching For A Memory/ A Restless Mind/—-DL
Pinkcourtesyphone/ Tears Of Modernism/ Harbor Darkness/—-DL
Dolphins Into The Future/ Azul 1/ Insular Monographs/—-DL
Julie Rousse/ First There Was Only Waves/ First There Was Only Waves/ Zeromoon DL
Anne F. Jacques/ No Load/ Some Asperities/ Zeromoon DL
Monotronique/ The Imagination River/ Come Here And Touch This Darkness/—-DL
Christopher J. Keyes/ A Connotation Of Infinity/ A Connotation Of Infinity/ —-DL
Davies-Lang-Lukoszevieze/ Unfurling/ Unfurling/ Another Timbre CD


No Pigeonholes EXP
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don Campau

Hour 1

Airwaves/ Part 4/ Multiverse/—-DL
Timothy Leary/ Live and Let Live/ Yu Can Be…/—-DL
Ken Ishi/ Circular Motion ( Red Snapper Nix )/ Circular Motion/—-DL
Dr Stanley Z. Daniels/ excerpt/ Sex For Adults/—-DL
Helen Gurley Brown/ Ltitle Man You’ll HaveBusy Day/ Lessons In Love/—-DL
Chris Watson/ Winter/ In St Cuthbert’s Time/—-DL
Timothy Leary/ Live and Let Live/ You Can Be…/—-DL
No Tongues/ General Paku/ Les Voies De L’Olyapock/—-DL
Zumaia/ Syndrom/ High Risk/ Harsh Reality DL
Arnold Mathes/ Quarantine Dream/ High Risk/ Harsh Reality DL
Maria Zerfall/ Doch Das Gengut Nicht/ Totenstille/—-DL
Olli Aarni/ Pihapuu/ Musikkoita Ja Kissankelloja/—-DL
Sothiac/ Phase 1/ Superluna/—-DL
Dominic Duval-Jason Kao Hwang/ Quest/ The Experiment/ —-CD

Hour 2

Joao Braz/ What?/ Who? And Other Interrogative Pieces/—-DL
Ben Bertrand/ The Manmaipo/ Manes/—-DL
Sarah Davachi/ Gathers 1/ Gathers/—-DL
Malvern Brume/ Ants Clip/ Tendrils/—-DL
Golem Maccanique/ Face A/ Nona, Decima Et Morta/—-DL
Francesca Naibo/ Toundaleda/ Namatoulee/ bandcamp DL
Francesca Naibo/ Lanka / Namatoulee/ bandcamp DL
Francesca Naibo/ Dengoro / Namatoulee/ bandcamp DL
Gavin Bryars/ Bridge/ Machine Music/Obscure DL
Mark Wastell/ excerpt/ Like Planets/ Confront DL


NPEXP 6-18-20
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don Campau

Hour 1

Mike Frengel/ Country Roads-The Bottle Let Me Bend/ Music For Guitar And Electronics/ Parma CD
Giacomo Fiore-Larry Polansky/ From 22 American Folk Songs/ From Pile/ —-CD
Lisa Fannen/ Minion/ Faultline/ bandcamp DL
Mental Anguish & M. Finnkrieg/ Computer Talk/ Works That Bleed/ Harsh Reality DL
JRMMT/ IIIIIII/ Palimpsest/—-DL
Shaun Robert/ Tongue/ The Art Of Radio/—-DL
Ricardo Donoso/ Data Lake/ Content/—-DL
Piotr Melech & Patryk Lichota/ Layer 4/ Lost Level/—-DL
Bret Harold Hart/ Shelter In Space/ High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons/ Harsh Reality bandcampDL
Thomas Park/ A Lurid Peace/High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons/ Harsh Reality bandcampDL
Juan Angel Italiano/ Workshop Piece No 1/High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons/ Harsh Reality bandcampDL
Jelena Hu/ station id/—-/—-DL
brunk/ Any Given Thought/High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons/ Harsh Reality bandcampDL
Swinebolt 45/ Collateral Coughing Through Coffins/High Risk Of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons/ Harsh Reality bandcampDL
Resilience/ Rising Heat And Seam/ Forgotten World/ —-DL

Hour 2

Escape Ten/ Parkway/ Our Favorite Things/ Parma CD
Lisa Fannen/ Birder/ Faultine /bandcamp DL
Larry Polansky/ Glass/ Music For Tuned Glass/ —-CD
Mirism/ Mirism Part 4/ Mirism /bandcamp DL
ATRL / Contenir/ Inclusio /Insub DL
Doug Michael/ Haumea/ Magnetosphere/—-DL
Magnus Granberg/ Let Pass My Weary Guiltless Ghost/ Another Timbre CD
Bondi-Martel-Schiller/ Hyazo/ Hyazo/ Another Timbre CD
Guiliano D’Angiolini/ Litania/ Antifona/ Another Timbre CD


Hour 1
Davis-Zuydervelt-Fabriek/ Bij Wat Ook Moog/ Bif Wat Ook Moog Gabeuren/ Fluid Audio DL
Doris Hays-John Matthews/ 13t St Beat/ Electronic Music/ Southern Library DL
Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Doris Hays-John Matthews/ Carnibell/ Electronic Music/ Southern Library DL
Lisa Fannen/ Blood Test/ Faultline/bandcamp DL
Hallucinations In The User/ Turnstile Boy/ Hallucinations In The User/ Don;t Be Nasty DL
Real Dogs/ Infinite Joy/ One Year Comp/ Don’t Be Nasty DL
Tom Furgas/ Qualpa Cuggle/ Bugwin Correnq/ Tom Furgas Editions DL
Lisa Fannen Immigration Encounter/ Faultline/ bandcamp DL
Butcher-Edwards-Sanders/ Spike Oil/ Crucial Anatomy/—-DL
Giovanni DiDomenico/ Hostesses Like Candy ( excerpt )/ Going Commando/ Silent Water DL
Evan Parker-Paul Lytton/ How Tight Knit Was England Then/ Collective Calls Revisited/ Intakt DL
Sun Araw & Mitchell Brown/ Fluid Array/—-/ Longform DL
Alison Cotton/ Behind The Spiderweb Gate/—-/ Longform DL
Shy Layers/ Composition For Loud Magic/—-/ Longform DL
Penelope Trappes/ Gnostic State/—-/ Longform DL

Hour 2
Primitive Motion/ Cradle Of The Horizon/—-/ Longform DL
Kajsa Lindgren/ Undercurrents/—-/ Longform DL
Lau Nau/ Amphipoda/—-/ Longform DL
Felicity Mangan/ Stereo’frog’ic/—-/ Longform DL
Alexandra Spence/ Immaterial/—-/ Longform DL
Joseph Branciforte & Theo Bleckmann/ 1. 16.25/—-bandcamp DL
Pak Yan Lau/ We Dream The Dream/ Live at Cafe Oto/ bandcamp DL
Beatriz Ferreyra/ L’autre Rive/ Echos/—-DL
Mary Jane Leach/ Brickstuck/ Celestial Fires/—DL


Hour 1
Klute/ In The Zone/ Casual Bodies/—-DL1998
Pole/ Stadt/ 2/—-DL 1999
Jelena Hu/ station id/—-/—-DL
(Sound fragments by Helen Gurley Brown,Del Close & John Brent,Dr Stanley X Daniels )
Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang/ The Witness/ Snow Catches On her Eyelashes/ Jazzland DL 2020
Kraftwerk/ Ruckzuck/ 1/—-DL
Suzanne Ciani/ Third Voice: Sound Of Cold,Fourth Voice: Sound Of Wetness / Voices Of Packaged Souls/ Liquid Sound DL 1970
Laurie Anderson/ Dr Miller/ Its Not The Bullet/——DL
Doris Hays & John Matthews/ 13th Street Beat, Kalliope II/ Electronic Music/ Southern Library Of Recorded Music/—-DL 1971
Manuel Zurria pays Mary Jane Leach/ Semper Dolens/ (F)lute Songs/ Modern Love DL 2018
Claire Rousay/ Going Home/ A Heavenly Touch/—-DL
Shaun Robert/ Ape/ The Art Of Radio/—-DL
Tom Furgas/ Uncoilsup Bungipett/ Bugwin Correnq/ Tom Furgas Editions DL
Christian Wallumrod/ Oh Gorge/ Many/ Hubro DL
Andrew Leslie Hooker & Nick Janczak/ Black Earth Red Earth/—-DL

Hour 2

Andrew Leslie Hooker & Nick Janczak/ Black Earth Red Earth/—-DL
Jack Hertz/ Mire/ Artifical/—-DL
Dorninger/ Shutdown Breakkz/ Too Much Home/—-DL
Sothiac ( Pat Moonchy ) & Paul Jolly/ Phase 2/Superluna/ —-DL
Phew/ side two track 1/ Voice Hardcore/—-LP
Courtis-Oliveros/ Telematic Concert II/ Telematic Concert/—-DL
Jose Dias/ The Men In Dark Suits Are Coming/ After Silence Vol 1/ Clean Feed DL
The Sand Rays/ The Four Corners Of The Moon/ The Sand Rays EP/ The Ceiling DL
Lea Bertucci/ Acoustic Shadows II/ Acoustic Shadows/—DL


No Pigeonholes EXP
broadcast on KOWS-FM
hosted by Don Campau
30 April 2020


Hour 1

Rapoon/ Hotel Paris/ Hotel Bravo/ Zoharum/ DL 2020
Laurie Anderson/ New York Social Life/ Its Not The Bullet, Its The Hole/ —-DL 1977
Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Intersystems./ Music Growl And Scream. Fred And Harry Finding Guns/ Peachy/ Pentagon LP 1967
ETHERapy/ Adrift/ ETHERapy/ Taped Rugs DL
Cut A Lonely Figure/ In Sea, In Circles, In Concrete/ n Sea, In Circles, In Concrete. Pan Y Rosas DL
Razen/ III/ Reed Bombus/ Deep Distance DL
Yves De Mer/ Exit Strategy 6/ Exit Strategy/——DL

Hour 2
Bernard Parmegiani/ I’nstant Mobile/ Chronos/ Phillips DL 1972
Pierre Henry/ Wrathful Deities/ Le Voyage/ Mercury LP 60’s
Wlodzimierz Kotonski/ Mujica…/ Festival International/ Polskie Nagrania 10“LP
KIm Myhr & Australian Art Orchestra/ No walls, No ceiling, No Windows/ Vesper/—-DL
Jarad Sagar/ Signature II/ Signatures & Fragments/ Silent DL
Lingua Lustra/ Eye Of Silence/ Eye Of Silence/ Silent DL
Kris Force/ Smoking Mountain/ Cascade/ Silent DL
Simon Serc/ Cold Core/ CMBR/ Silent DL
Irena & Vojtech Havel/ III, V/ Gamelanland/—DL


No Pigeonholes EXP
hosted by Don Campau

Hour 1

Deadbeat/ #5/ Radio Rothko/—-DL
Del Close & John Brent/ #1/ How To Speak Hip/—-DL
Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Joe Johnson/ Fly Ho/ Big Ego/—-DL
Loscil/ Bush Five/ Lifelike/—-DL
Dr Timothy Leary/ What Do You Turn On When You Turn On/ You Can Be Anyone You Want this Time Around/—DL
Patti Smith/ The Histories Of The Universe/ Big Ego/—-DL
John Cage & David Tudor/ Indeterminancy/ Folkways/—-DL
Derek Bailey/ #8/ Improvisation/ Cramps LP
Tim Mungenast & Astro Al/ Mechanical Mice…/ The Poetry Of Rust/—-CD
Evan Parker & Matthew Wright/ Crepuscule In Nickelsdorff Part 4/ Crepuscule In Nickelsdorff/—-DL
Sabu Toyozumi & Paul Rutherford/ untitled/ Fragrance/—-DL
Matt Weston/ Stop With The Brushing/ Tell Us About Your Stupor/ 7272 12”
Fire! Orchestra/ part 1/ Actions For Free Jazz Orchestra/—-DL
Henry Kaiser & Andrea Centazzo/ Improvisation 102×1978/ Domo Arigato Derek Sensei/ Balance Point Acoustics DL
Razen/ #5/ Robot Brujo/—-DL
Mike Slott/ Falling Through/ Vignettes/ —-DL
Willem Breuker/ Intermezzo Between Nothing/ Lunchconcert For Three Barrelorgans/ ICP LP
Mutter Kemnitz & Pariahem/ #5/ The North/—-DL

Hour 2

George Crumb/ Voice Of The Whale/ Night Of The Four Moons/ Columbia LP
Shaun Robert/ Ragout/ Studies Of Noises From Pierre Schaefer/—-DL
Mike Honeycut & Dave Hall/ untitled/—-/—-DL
Effter/ Denmark Part 2/ Denmark/—-DL
Aaron Dilloway/ Everything Eats Garbage/ At Wave Farm Plus/—-DL
Beatriz Ferreyra/ Echos//—-/—-DL
Yoshi Wada/ excerpt/ The Appointed Cloud/—-DL


NPEXP 4-2-20
broadcast on KOWS
hosted by Don campau

Hour 1
Elizabeth Dixon/ Limit Experience/ LP1/—-DL
Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Public Domain/ Record Any Sound/ —-/—-DL
Canaries/ Complete Canary album/—-/—-cassette
Anthony Braxton/ side one Series F/—-LP
Luminous/ Flack in 4/ Luminous/—-DL
Razen/ VI/ Robot Brujo/ Hands In The Dark DL
Chris Zabriskie/ I’m About To Do The Second Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done/ Made This While You Were Asleep/—-DL
Erik Friedlander/ Broken Kilometer/ Top Songs Of 2019/ bandcamp DL
Gunter Christmann & Thomas Lehn/ 11/ Live at The Forum Hannover/—-DL
Jeremiah Cymerman/ Less Than Filth/ Cathedral/—-DL
Viv Corringham/ The World Washes Through You/ The Random Rhythm Of Notes And Sounds/ zeromoon DL
Bonnie Jones & Jeff Surak/ Dishonest Death Of The Outside Composer/ Gymnastics/ zeromoon DL
Joel Gressel/ And Its Discontent/ Genetic Drift/ Revello CD

Hour 2
Charles Wuorinen/ Ringing Changes For Percussion Ensemble/ Nonesuch LP1971
Susan Matthews & Rainier Lericolais/ Under Shinter Fach/ When The Ghosts Were Within These Walls/ bandcamp DL
Zorya & Brice Catherin/ Sor Juana Ines…/ Algiz/ Pan Y Rosas dl
Anne Sulikowski/ Forest Drone/—-/—-dl
Tomas Cabado & Christoph Schiller/ From ‘Sachtel’/ Unconscious Collections/ Another Tibre CD
Luiz Henrique Yudo/ Five Palindromes/ Chamber Works/ Another Timbre CD
JPA Falzone/ Y Ty Unnos III/ Chordiod/ Another Timbre CD


Jelena Hu/ id/—-/—-DL
Reznicek/ #3/ Stube/ Odd Size CD
The Necks/ Buoyant/ Chemist/—-DL
Mia Zabelka Trio/ Push/ Weird Tales & Elegant Motion/ Monotype CD
The Tenant/ #4/ Sampler/ARMC CD
Jack Hertz/ Event Horizon/ Astronauts 4/—-DL
MHZ/ Red, White and Black/ Bobildaze/—-DL
Phew/ White Lounge So Bright/ Voice Hardcore/ —-LP
Stephanie “Lak” Germaine/ Free #98B3E/—-/—-DL
Christian Renou / #3/ 7 Kisses/—-DL
PBK w C. Reider & Dale Lloyd/ Exclusion Zones/—-DL
Andreas Bick/ Frost Patterns/ Fire & Frost Patterns/—-CD
Phinney-McGee/ Wind And Clouds/ Cooperative Principle/ Harsh Reality CD

Hour 2

Frank Ashley Jr & Ken Moore/ Chmedroon/ Elastic Collision/—-CD
Susan Matthews/ Splinters/ Here Comes The End Of The World/—-DL
John Wiese/ 2/ Arrhythmia Wave Burst And Panner Crash/—-3“CD
JC Combs/ Earthlight/ Gazing/ Spectropol CD
Bernard Parmegiani/ extract 3rd movement of Plain Temps/ Questions De Temps/ Cezanne DL
Pauline Oliveros/ CD 2, #10/ Electronic Works/—-DL
Vladimir Ussachevsky-Otto Luening/ Fantasy In Space/Classics Of Electronic Music/ Desto LP
Bernard Parmegiani/ Une Echelle De Temps/ Questions De Temps/ —-DL
Yuji Takahashi/ Metatheses/ Yuji Takahashi/ Mainstream LP
Peter Maxwell Davies/ Antechrist/ New Music From London/ Mainstream LP
Skogen/ excerpt/ Despairs Had Governed Me Too Long/ Another Timbre CD
Ben Fleury-Steiner/ The Places That Find You/ The Places That Find You/—-DL


Mrs Dink/ Naen/ Like A Moth/ DT Digital DL
Jelena Hu/ id/—/—-DL
Melissa St Pierre/ Figure VII/ Specimens/—-CD
Matmos/ 2/ California Rhinoplasty/—-CD
Simon J. Karis/ Woollen Stars/ Japonsime/—-DL
Mosses/ Moonstone/ TV Sun/—-DL
Alder & Ash/ At Night In The Slaughterhouse/ Psalms For The Sunder/—-CD
Terry Rusling/ #1/ The Machine Is Broken/ Spool CD
Shed Metal/ #1/ Equivalent Insecurity/ Spool CD
Various/ #2/ Car Dew Treat Us/ Spool CD
Hugh Davies/ Music For Bowed Diaphragm/ Shozyg/ FMP LP
Ernst Rijseger & Alan Davies/ Shakers & Kalimba/ Celllotape & Scotchtape/ Data LP
Jean-Brice Godet/ No God/ Lignes De Cretes/—-DL
Gunter Hampel/ No 390/ Flying Carpet/ Kharma LP
Solo Andata/ Aggregate/ Ritual/ Desire Path LP
Phill Niblock/ A Third Trombone/ Nothin’ To LooAt Just A record. India Navigation LP
Bua-Mikel-Roe/ Of The Bridge/ Of The Bridge/ 12” 45

Hour 2

Michael O’Shea/ Voices/ Micheal O’Shea/—-DL
Dream Safari/ Untitled/ Beginners Guide To Tape Loops/—-DL
PBK & JIm O’Rourke/ End Of The Landscape/ Unidentified Again/—-LP
John Wiese/ #1/ Circle Snare/—-CD
Charles Rice Goff III/ The Biggest Crowd Ever/ God Bless America/ taped Rugs CD
Chris Brown/ #3/ Lava/ Tzadik CD
Tom Johnson-Martin Riches/ Percussion/ Inventionen 2000/—- CD
Yamauchi-Vognsen/ Dolphin/ Spanien/—-CD
Iannis Xenakis played by Yuji Takahashi/ Herma/ Yuji Takahashi/ mainstream LP
Skull Vacuum/ Dust/ Burn Sees Dark/ Harsh Reality CD
George Ligeti/ #4 Chamber Concerto/ The Ligeti Project/ Teldec CD
Aidan Baker-Gareth Davis/ Hidden/ Invisible Cities/—-DL


Unknown artist/ #1/ Loops And Sketches/—-DL
Eric Muhs/ Counterpoint 1/—-/ youtube DL
Mrs Dink/ Introduction/ Death By Misadventure/ Degenerate Trifecta cassette
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks/ Even the Romans Fell/—-/—-DL
Gemutlichkeit/ Ferruch/ Life Education/ ephor cassette
Jake Meginsky/ Adze Rasp/ Vandals/—-DL
Inga-Lill Farstad/ Smalsogg/—-DL
Michel Puig/ Entree/ L’Arebesle/—-LP
Mirism/ Kauai’o‘o/ Remembrance Species/ bandcamp DL

Hour 2

Azza/ side one/ Somnorose Pasqrak?/ ephem cassette
Michael Puig/ Sortie/ L’Arbesle/—-LP
Kidambi + Bertucci/ Brood/ Phase Eclipse/—-DL
Spunk/ Nymphyaea Alba/ Spunk/—-DL
David Lee Myers/ latent Dialect/ Prototype Of the Veil/—-CD
Jack Hertz/ Supermoon/ Astronauts 4/—-DL
Odeya Nini/ Daalai/ Vougheuayice/—-CD
Francisco Lopez/ excerpt/ Untitled $370/—-DL
Kevin Drumm/ Side A/ Inexplicable Hours/—-LP
Azza/ side 2/ Somnorose Pasqrak?/ ephem cassette
Olivia Block/ side 2/ Heave To/—-DL
Minoy/ excerpt/ Ivory Flash Of Ambiguous Lambs/—-DL
Harme/ Shyne/ Crashing On An Unnamed Island/bandcamp DL
San  Andreas/ excerpt/ Your Narrator Lies There/ The Ceiling 3”CD
Felix Hess/ excerpt/ Frogs 4/—-LP
Apartment House plays Alex Jang/ Distributed Tourism/ Alex Jang/ Another Timbre CD


Tokyo Bloodworm/Hayam/ Tokyo Bloodworm/—-DL
Simon J Karis/ KUnckkles/ Pars;ey/—-DL
Rhys Chatam/ Die Donnergotter/ Die Donnergotter/ Dossier LP
Frontera Dogs ( Eric Muhs )/ I have Thousands OF Reasons/ Frontera Dogs/—-DL
Inga-Lill Farstad/ Bekkesildre/ Einstape/—-DL
Susan Matthews/ 2:00/ Here Comes The End Of The World/ bandcamp DL
Vera Kappeler & Peter Conrad/ November/ Babylon Suite/—-DL
Polonka/ Drobnicwiec/ Poemat Konfesyny/—-DL
2nd Outlet/ Winsor Blue/ Burt Sienna/ Nuscope CD

Hour 2

2nd Outlet/ Winsor Blue/ Burt Sienna/ Nuscope CD
Sharon Gal/ side one/ Birdsongs/—-cassette
Colin Currie/ Brasilianas/ Striking A Balance.—-DL
Anne Neikirk/ with Elizabeth Huston/ locoMotives/ Spring Shadows/ Ravelle CD
Leah Buckereff/ Hypostassis/ Trinitarian/ Important LP
Lauren Weinger/ Interior/ Silo/ Megacorp CD
Francisco Lopez/ excerpt/ Live In Auckland/ Monotype CD
Jack Hertz/ Event Horizon/ Astronauts 4/—-DL
Isang Yun/ Gasa/ Isang Yun/ Wergo LP
John Cage/ Six Melodies For Violin And Keyboard/ New Music For Violin And Piano/ Mainstream LP


Fischerle/ Gmatwacz/ Gmatwacz/—-DL
Jake Meginsky/ Human Grapes/ Vandals/—-DL
Jacques Lasry/ ?/ Structures Sonores?/—-DL
Fuldemesh/ Ciempies…/ Caracoles/ PYR DL
Rie Nakajima/ Whistle & Bag/ Fusuma/—-DL
Trent Reznor/ Untitled 2/ Quake/—-DL
Ricardo D’Orlando/ Minot Blues/ Warhead/—-CD
Ambarchi- Guthrie/ Knotting/ KNotting/—-DL
Shaun Robert/ Envelop/—-/—-DL
Ambarchi-Phew-O’Rourke/ #2/ Patience Soup/—-DL

Hour 2

Julia Reidy/ Lament/ Brace, Brace/—-DL
Julia Reidy/ Surrounds Outlast/ Dawning ON/—-DL
John Fahey/ Planaria/ Womblife/—-DL
Mauro Pawlowski/ Kent Out OF Style/ nSecret Guitar/—-LP
Bericochea/ cc2/ Castle ON A Cloud/—-DL
Klangkrieg/ Korpus 1/ Anthology O=f Noise And Electronic Music/ Sub Rosa DL
Mauricio Kagel/ Transition 1/ Electronique Panorama/ Linelight LP
Yoshihisa Taiira/ Penombres 1/ Penombres/—-cassette
Tod Dockstader/ Bottom/ 2/—-DL
Karlheinz Stockhausen/ Freitags Gruss/ Freitags Auf s Licht/—-DL
Jack Hertz/ Whether Weather/ Blackouts/—-DL

Don Campau 2020-08-10T22:01:22Z 2020-08-10T22:08:36Z No Pigeonholes Archives 22 October 2000,2020-08-10:3c97ffa04259302b50e3474463307366/e5e8aca05fcc3094f7d0065104d8e27a
John Bartles, 
"Music Licked Clean BY Dirty Crows"

John Bartles,
“Music Licked Clean BY Dirty Crows”

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No Pigeonholes Archives
22 October 2000
broadcast on KKUP
hosted by Don Campau

photo: Cassette cover of “Music Licked Clean By Dirty Crows” by John Bartles

special in studio guests: Beau Davis, Brian Vaughn

Hour 1


Secret Archives Of the Vatican
Ken Clinger
Kevyn Dymond
The Migs
Kevin Campau
Rick Of The Skin
Robin O’Brien
John Bartles
Duf Davis
Freddie Mitchell
The Jazzles
Charles Rice Goff III
Mimetic Mute
MC Potbelly

Hour 2
Morning 40?
Metro Labs
Beau & Brian
Jorg Hutteman Trio
Mastt Borghi

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