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In 2016 I produced a radio feature on Ken Clinger, one of the most unique visionary artists of the Cassette Culture era. This was right before I shipped all of his tapes to Germany for safekeeping at the headquarters.

Ken is simply one of the greatest and most prolific of any tape artist ( and later on CD) ever. His body of work is unmatched in distinctive and unusual flair and style. To me, he stands at the very pinnacle of what the home taper Cassette Culture scene was. Not only is he in my Home Tapers Hall Of Fame, He is in the lst as one of the greatest exponents of that of all time.

No Pigeonholes on Radio On
hosted by Don Campau
February 2016 Ken Clinger Special

artist/ title/ label-source-year ( all material released on cassette )

Ken Clinger/ Cat/ KC8/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
Ken Clinger/ Our Boy In LA/ KC14/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Ken Clinger ( with Winnie Santiago)/ Not There/ KC5/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
Ken Clinger/ Sandra/ KC12/ Bovine cassette 1986 USA
Bored Young Men/ King The Sad Boy/ Sittin’ Around Decomposin/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Don Campau ( with Ken Clinger)/ The Perfect Tomato/ Pinata Party Tape Two/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1986 USA
Bored Young Men/ Cicadaville/ With Slime On Their Hands/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA
Catfish ( with Ken Clinger)/  Nuk-E-Doll  /  Fish Tales/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Ken Clinger/ Dice On The Hill/ KC 28/ Bovine cassette 19898USA
Ken Clinger/ Dog Song/ KC 30/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Kenny & The Clingtones/ Evil Mutant Frogs/ One Of Those Tapes That Exist/ Kitti Tapes cassette 1988 USA
Ken Clinger/ Dreams In Jaspar/ KC 39/ Bovine cassette 1990 USA
Ken Clinger/ Physical Matter/ KC 42/ Bovine cassette 1993 USA
Furgas-Clinger ( composed by Tom Furgas )/ excerpt 24 Preludes/ Realizations III/ Bovine cassette 1993? USA
Furgas-Clinger/ Chamber One/ Forgotten Chambers/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA

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News Update February 2018 up now! Due to so many other commitments I have been unable to make an Update for over a year. I am Program Director for a small, community its radio station in Northern California ( KOWS-FM… ) and I have radio shows of my own on 4 separate stations worldwide. Drop by my website for the full resources which includes a ton of free music to download and much more.

The foldout cover for "Salmon Dave" by The Rudy Schwartz Project ( Joe Newman ), one of the greatest home taper projects ever. Now housed in Germany at

The foldout cover for “Salmon Dave” by The Rudy Schwartz Project ( Joe Newman ), one of the greatest home taper projects ever. Now housed in Germany at

Part of the huge collection, a 1982 cassette by R. Stevie Moore

Part of the huge collection, a 1982 cassette by R. Stevie Moore

Part of Frank Maier's collection in Germany

Part of Frank Maier’s collection in Germany

Frank Maier of and Vinyl On Demand

Frank Maier of and Vinyl On Demand

The highlight of this News Update is information about the unveiling of, a massive website produced by Germany’s Frank Maier.

For many years, Frank Maier has been running the Vinyl On Demand record label, a high quality vinyl operation that has released ( and re-issued ) a tremendous amount of underground and overlooked artists. Frank has now turned his attention to Cassette Culture with his expanding and mind blowing, website which documents Cassette Culture artists, labels, magazines, and so much more about this worldwide underground scene which existed in the 80s/90s ( and to some extent even now ).

He still has much work to do but you will be amazed by what he has done already. Bookmark his site and visit later as more is being posted all the time.

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News Update December 2016 The first update in several years gives an overview on the current state of archiving, the resurgence of tape culture and various links to resources.

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No Pigeonholes EXP 2013 Playlists and links to hear all of my 2013 “No Pigeonholes EXP” shows.

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July 2012 Lots of great links and free music in this latest news update.

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