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Trance Port Tapes Barry Craig ran the Trance Port label from 1983 until his passing in 2011. Take a look at his label output and listen to some of his music and the compilation, “LA Mantra”.

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Birgit Gasser of the SDV Tontrager label, Germany. Birgit Gasser of the SDV Tontrager label from Germany talks about running the label , her music and art, and reflections on the scene.

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Doomsday Transmissions/ The Ceiling Interview and information about Jim DeJong who has been active in the Canadian scene for a long, long time.

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INTRO: Tape Labels During the heyday of cassette culture there were many international labels that released and distributed tapes in many styles. Even a partial list would be gigantic but I will begin by focusing on those labels that distributed many different artists work and not just an outlet for an individual artist.

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